Monday, March 7, 2011

MARKET TRENDS: Spring forward

As the housing market heads into the key selling season, there are signs that it’s gaining traction

In the residential real estate market, there’s no season more important than the spring. Some 40 percent of the year’s sales typically occur between March and June.

As the crucial selling season approaches, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents have their eyes trained on home prices, property listings, and mortgage rates. Economists do, too. A rebound in the housing market is considered vital to accelerating the broader economic recovery, and ultimately job growth, economists say.

Housing has a bigger impact than just real estate; homes sales also mean consumers are buying furniture and appliances, hiring contractors for renovations, and spending on other housing-related goods and services.

The next four months may tell whether the state’s long-struggling housing market is finally gaining traction.

The landscape remains challenging, with unemployment high and consumers still tentative. But many are hopeful. Here’s the view from a real estate agent, builder, buyer, and seller.

Boston Globe February 27, 2011

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