Sunday, August 7, 2011

HEALTHY HOMES: Bedbug Alert: Tips To Prevent Close Encounters

As families gear up for vacation time, one thing not on their to-do list is to have a close encounter with bedbugs. Use these tips from the Restoration Industry Association to keep bedbugs from hitching a ride home with your family:

Pack clothes in large Ziploc bags to prevent the spread of bedbugs from one suitcase to another.

When arriving at a hotel, look for bedbugs in the piping along the mattress, the frame around the bed (particularly the head and footboards), the carpet under the bed, and between the mattress and box spring.

Check any upholstered furniture nearby as well, particularly sofa beds. Using a flashlight, check the closet for evidence of bedbugs before hanging clothes or placing anything inside.

Instead of unpacking and putting clothes in the drawers, leave them in your suitcase on an unupholstered chair or luggage rack. Place shoes out in the open instead of under the bed.

Upon returning home, immediately unpack (preferably in a laundry room or garage), wash your clothes, and inspect the suitcase for any freeloaders.

Source: Restoration Industry Association
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