Sunday, November 6, 2011

CHOOSING A REALTOR: Do You Need A Tech Savvy Agent To Sell Your Home?

That is the question, right? So I guess it would be rude to answer a question with another question, but I just have to. Why would you NOT want a tech savvy agent to help sell your home? With the National Association of REALTORS® reporting that the number of people who begin their home search on-line is now upwards of 80% and climbing every year, it is not a matter of if a buyer is going to find your home on-line, it is a question of when and how.
When considering agents, there is definitely something to be said for those that have been around to see the neighborhood grow and change. The knowledge that they possess is priceless. But, have they kept up with the times? Even if they have not personally, do they hire somebody to take care of the ‘techy’ stuff for them? If you are getting pressured into interviewing your friend’s great aunt who has been in ‘the business’ for 30 years, make sure you ask specifically what the plan for your listing will be technology-wise. If she brings a booklet for her listing presentation or asks you to fax back your listing papers, she may not be the one.
Taking this a step further, my definition of tech savvy includes a wide variety of things. Having your home listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is really just scratching the surface. There are literally hundreds of real estate websites it could be syndicated to, but the highest priority ones are; Trulia, Zillow, and But I am getting slightly ahead of myself. Let’s back up and talk about the photography. It is so critically important. It stands to reason, if the web is where most people’s first impression of your home comes from, it needs to look good. So, either the photos need to be done by a professional, or at the very least a high quality camera. It is still appalling, in this day and age, to see dark, blurry, or shadowy photos of a house on-line.
Being tech savvy is also more than having tools or gadgets. It is the ability to connect with today’s consumers via several different means; text, e-mail, and social media. Some experts
have said that increasingly, consumers are searching Facebook first to find information. With the depth of personal data Facebook records, it is typically able to offer more accurate search results to the searcher. In addition, e-mail blasts to other agents or target audiences (apartment dwellers), can prove to be highly effective in getting the word out about listings. It is all about getting your property in front of as many people as possible. For a REALTOR® with a good Twitter following, tweeting is another way to do that Think now about your sign. An empty flyer box and generic phone number will not satisfy today’s buyer. They are looking for instantaneous information. To that order, a real estate QR code or text-for-more-info number can answer that need.
In essence, the number of different ways to use all the available technology is almost limitless. This is absolutely a more-is-more scenario. So, when selecting an agent to list your home, remember that marketing is that agent’s number one responsibility. Make sure that they have at least a handful of ideas that involve more than the typical MLS, sign in yard, and faded flyers. It only takes one good buyer to accomplish your goal of selling your home, so the more people that know about it, the sooner you’ll be home free!

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