Friday, March 9, 2012

SELLING YOUR HOME: More Advertising – Not the Answer to Selling Your Home

Before we had the internet, things were done differently. If you needed to advertise your home for sale, all you needed to do is place an advert in the newspaper with contacts so interested buyers could call and inquire about the home, the location, price, the condition of the home and other intriguing issues that have to be verified before a sale can take place. This is still done by people who do not have the internet.
Today, the internet has simplified the way things are done and more advertising is not the answer to selling your home or other property. When a realtor displays your home on a website a lot of information is provided online. Interested buyers can view the house online and decide if that is what they are looking for. They see the exterior and the interior view of the house in full color. The living room, kitchen, dining, bathrooms and bedrooms are all displayed showing the floor, walls, ceiling, doors, windows and many other features. The garage doors, entrances, corridors, fireplace, basement and roofing are displayed to give the viewer a complete view of the home.
The exterior walls, roofing, doors and the landscaping is shown including flowers, shrubs, grass and trees and if this is someone’s dream home they will spot it right away and crave to see it and finalize the deal. That is why the internet is so effective in marketing and selling homes and other properties. The buyer will spot what they want to buy and take interest in those homes they like right away. Decisions are made faster than when they see a home on a newspaper or magazine and have to travel all the way before they make a decision. On the internet the buyer can take an online tour around the house in the comfort of their home or office without spending money on fuel to travel from one home to another. The internet saves the money and time for the buyer and seller limiting their inquiries to
only the homes (for the buyer) and the buyers (for the seller) who are interested in that property.
If you want to sell your home just know that these days, newspapers rarely sell homes. The internet is a faster and more efficient seller of homes to a wider audience (even overseas), than local newspapers.

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