Saturday, August 11, 2012

STAGING YOUR HOME: 5 Inexpensive Kitchen Staging Tips

The kitchen is one of the most important selling points of a home. It is really the heart of the house and is always a price factor/decision influencer depending on its condition, and therefore demands strict attention for a vendor. When staging your home, the kitchen needs to present well to the buyers. 

Here are 5 Inexpensive Kitchen Staging Tips to ensure that your buyers will fall in love with your home. 

1. Deep Cleaning.  Nothing turns a potential buyer off more than a dirty home. Scrub the kick boards and vacuum the corners. Polish the fixtures.  Wipe down all the cabinets, inside and out. Polish the hardware. 

Check out Home Staging Channel’s comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Checklist.  It will guide you to cleaning your kitchen — sink, cabinets, refrigerator, oven, down to the floor.

kitchen after bg property styling

2.  Check the Walls.  Clean them with a sponge and warm water.  Tone down bright room colours by painting walls with white or a light neutral colour. Patch, repair or replace any uneven walls. 

3.  De-Clutter and depersonalise.  Concentrate on the countertops.  Buyers like to see lots of empty workspace. Put away all appliances, dishes, and all pots and pans.  Show off the countertops and keep it clean & organised in drawers and cabinets.   Organise the fridge and cupboards as well.

kitchen after bg property styling

4.  Evaluate your Worktops. Consider replacing your worktops if these are worn out, chipped, or scratched. 

5.  Accessorise.  Give your kitchen that show home finish.  Place a green plant or a fruit

centerpiece.  This doesn’t take much.  Keep in mind though that in a kitchen, less is more.

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