Saturday, December 15, 2012

SELLING YOUR HOME: Great Reasons To Put Your Home On The Market Before The New Year

The busy holiday season may not seem like a convenient time to have you
home as an active listing. However, don’t dismiss the idea of listing your home
before the New Year so easily. Here are five reasons why you should consider
putting, or keeping, your home on the market during the holiday season.
1. Serious buyers. The potential homebuyers who take the time to view your
home over the holidays are usually serious about purchasing. There may
be fewer buyers viewing your home, but they are motivated and are
usually looking to buy sooner rather than later.
2. Limited competition. Homeowners often take their homes off the market
or wait until after the holiday season to list their homes. This eliminates a lot
of competition and limits the options prospective buyers have to choose
from. Less competition may mean your home will sell for more money in a
shorter amount of time.
3. Low interest. Interest rates tend to drop the most at the end of the year
and savvy buyers often take advantage of the incentive by purchasing a
home and securing a fixed rate
4. Time is on your side. Potential buyers often have more vacation time
during the holidays to view your home than they would during normal
business days.
5. Closing time. When buyers close on their new home before the end of the
year they can deduct mortgage interest, property taxes and points on

their loan on their income tax return. They can also take advantage of
significant deductions associated with home equity loans. This means
faster closings and determined buyers.

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