Friday, February 22, 2013

HOME DESIGN: Kitchen Trends for 2013

From a home buyer’s or seller’s perspective, it’s important to know the popular kitchen trends for 2013.  The kitchen is often the hub of most activity in the home, so it stands to reason that this room ranks high in importance among potential buyers.  Buyers are drawn to homes with an updated kitchen; if you’re selling, look for kitchen remodel ideas that will increase the value of the home while staying within budget.
  • An open, airy kitchen, with simplified lines is a big draw.  One of the hottest kitchen trends for 2013 is modern style, with big open spaces where homeowners can entertain friends and family in an atmosphere that features clean, inviting simplicity.  Large kitchen islands are part of this trend, and as dining rooms become less popular, a supersized island with bar stools can offer a great space for eating, drinking, and socializing.
  • Appliances should be upscale, but unobtrusive.  As more people become interested in gourmet cooking, upscale appliances are increasingly popular.  A professional gas range or induction stovetop can greatly add to the value of a home, but at the same time, most buyers prefer appliances that blend in with the kitchen.  Some appliances can be hidden in a kitchen island, and another of the kitchen trends for 2013 is appliances designed to match the wood grain of the cabinetry.
  • Lighting is an important part of a kitchen’s appeal.  Whether it’s task-oriented or ambient, lighting factors into a kitchen’s charm.  Using under-cabinet LED lights is a great way to bring more light into the kitchen in an energy-efficient way, yet is among the more cost-effective kitchen remodel ideas.
  • Kitchen trends for 2013 include some fresh ideas for decorative touches.  Neutral colors—particularly grays, greens, and wood tones—are popular, with bright colors used only for accents.  Range hoods are becoming more decorative than utilitarian, and can almost resemble a decorative chandelier.  High gloss is huge, with back-painted glass backsplashes and glass mosaic tile sheets reflecting this trend, even as they reflect the light.
An updated kitchen can be a big selling point for a house, so if you’re selling, consider implementing some kitchen remodel ideas.  If you’re looking for a house, keep your eyes open for some of thesekitchen trends for 2013.

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