Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOME MAINTENANCE: Summer Home Maintenance

Summer is a season full of many activities. Pool-side barbecues, family vacations, and children's backyard campouts are just a few. But there's another activity that sometimes gets overlooked, and that is summer home maintenance.

This season presents some prime opportunities to make sure your home is in good working order. Let's examine a few areas you should add to your activity list.

1. Decks: Even the most well-constructed deck will need to be looked over for loose nails and screws, as well as warping or rotting wood. Replace any pieces that pose a safety risk. For easy cleaning, consider using a power washer. This will get rid of the dirt and grime that naturally collects throughout the year on decks.

2. Roof. Roofs require semi-annual inspections. Wind storms, hail, and regular old wear and tear mean you need to visually inspect your roof each year. Clean debris from your roof and look for missing and loose singles. Trim back branches that overhang onto the roof. And be sure your gutter is still free of debris.

3. Water Heaters. Your tank should be drained once a year. This will help with sediment build-up that is inevitable with water heater use. By draining the water heater you can add years to its lifespan.

4. Change air filters. Filters do their job well, and as such, they need changed often. Filters are part of what keeps your home protected from pollutants and allergens. And since they are inexpensive and easy to change, there is not reason not to add this task to your summer activity list.

5. Recreation. Pools are a popular destination during the summer months. Take this time to be sure that tiles and grout are in good repair, or that linings are free from holes in the case of above ground pools. Check your pool's chemistry often. That means twice a week during the summer. And don't forget to clean the pool skimmers often to make sure you get the best circulation, a must for any healthy pool.

Have fun this summer, and remember to give your home a little TLC.

Published: Carla L. Davis for Realty Times June 14, 2010

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